I just came across this great deal thanks to Money Saving Mom.  You can get 140 Christmas address labels for free! All you have to do is pay $3.00 shipping! ($3.59 for superfast shipping to Florida)  The labels are normally $7.99 so this is a great deal! 

All you have to do is click here and go to the left side of the page and choose “Holiday” under “Home & Family.”  Then you just design your labels and checkout! It is as easy and can be, and you can make them as simple or elaborate as you’d like! There is so much you can do to personalize them to match your family’s personality!  I made cute little caricatures of every member of our family. (Starbucks and Spicey included!) I can’t wait to get mine in the mail!! (I only have to wait 7 days!)

We are closing on our first home today, so I was so excited to use our new address!! It is going to be so nice having our first Christmas in our new home! Speaking of Christmas…I have so much to do!! There is an extra long checklist that must get done before the Christmas season arrives! Not only is Christmas hectic enough…I now have a little certain someone’s FIRST birthday to plan! 

So much to do…better get going!