ok…so yesterday Riley and I went onto the back porch like we do everyday to read some books.  I heard a lot of rustling in a bush right next to the screen.  I wanted to see what it was so I walked over to the  bush and stared at it for a few seconds trying to find the cause for all the noise.  My cat, Spicey, got very interested so I figured it was a squirrel or another cat.  Finally, I looked a little closer to the screen, and there I see it –  a long black, shiny, nasty snake.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, there is a poor little lizard trapped in the nasty snakes’ mouth.  This lizard is fighting for its life trying so hard to get away.  Me, being the smarter of the two, new the poor little lizard’s fate.  Regardless, I proceed to bang on the bottom of the screen (the hard, loud part) trying to scare the snake so he will a) drop the lizard and b) get the heck out of there.  As I continue banging (my neighbors probably think I’m nuts) and watching the snake (and yes, Riley is still in my arms) in the corner of my eye I see another nasty black object throw it self toward the snake, and well, me.  Another snake was trying to steal the lizard! Thank God for the screen! I’m surprised I didn’t scare Riley cause I definitely screamed and jumped.  So, obviously both snakes slithered away (I’m sure with lizerd in mouth) and left me standing there thinking…”did that really just happen?!”  I felt like I was watching National Geographic.  anyway. 

now for my venting.   (only because Stephen is in class, and I need to vent to someone)

So, LAST APRIL, like of 08, I went to my regular doctor to confirm my pregnancy test.  Usually I have to pay a copay when I go there, but they told me that I was not responsible  for anything.  I said “okay”, and I walked out the door.  So now fast forward 11 months to March of 09.  I get a bill in the mail saying that my account was “past due”.  The previous charges were $15, and now they are $30.  Okay, so whatever happened to my original bill?! Why did I never see that?! So I, of course,  called the doctors office.  I was informed I needed to speak with billing, and she would transfer me to them.  So I get a voicemail telling me that the billing office is already closed, and to leave a message and my call would be returned the following business day.  Okay. So I explain my situation, and anticipate a call the next day.  Nope, no call.  I wait a few days and still no response, so I call back….making sure to call within the “billing department business hours.”  Nope.  Voicemail again.  I leave another message explaining the situation.  Did I receive a call back?? Of course not.  So, today I open a letter I found on the counter (Stephen must have stopped last nite to get the mail).  Anyway…what do you think it is?… A stupid letter from a collection agency!!!  are you SERIOUS?!? So what do I do after I open the letter…call the doctor office.  “Sure, let me transfer you to billing…” Another voicemail…I left a nice long, detailed, somewhat angry message explaining the situation once again…Let’s see if they call me back.   LOSERS!!!

Okay, well that’s all for now :)