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just some thoughts…

Today is Wednesday. Riley is still sleeping away and I just got dinner prepped. We are having baked ziti and a nice fresh salad with my favorite homemade balsamic dressing. Stephen has today and tomorrow off! Well, expect for working at Younguist in the mornings…but I will take what I can get! He has been working so hard for us, he definitely deserves some rest! Right now he is playing Madden on the playstation 2. That is one of his favorite ways to relax, and he doesn’t get to do it often, so I figured I’d come on here and write. 

So, I have a car now! :) It’s sad because the reason I have the car is the fact that my dad and step-mom moved up to North Carolina for the summer.  It really stinks not having them around! We always enjoy going over their house and just hanging out and eating good food! But, I cannot wait to go visit and see their beautiful new house they bought up there! We are planning a vacation sometime during the summer to head up to Georgia to see Stephen’s fam and to NC to see my dad and step-mom.  It won’t be for too long though since we have to split the vaca time with both parents. So, I decided that I want to take Riley and fly up to NC to spend about 2 weeks up there.  That will definitely be the longest Stephen and I have ever been away from each other…and that’s a long time for him to not see Riley… But, I really want to go! Riley has yet to go on a plane, and I LOVE flying, so I figure I can build up the courage to take him on his first flight alone. I am somewhat scared because the kid is always on the move and does not like sitting still for too long. But, if I bring along some Elmo movies and lots of snacks I think he might just do okay. And what is the flight, like 2 hours? I’m sure we can handle that!  If I plan it around naptime that might work out great! If not, I’m sure we will make our laps around the plane. Another plus about going is that my step-sister, Amy, who I dearly love and miss (she lives in Indiana) is planning on bringing her two daughters, Reagan and Rose, for a visit as well! We will coordinate so that we can be there at the same time! Amy is one of those people, honestly maybe the only person (girl)  in my life, who I feel connected to. We share so many of the same beliefs and feelings about things. I just love being with her. So, that is another reason I really want to go!  Stephen is not so keen on the idea, and honestly, it is kinda sad to be apart that long, but I think it will be okay. 

Well, those might be all the words I can find to say right now. :) So long!


nap time

Riley is taking his afternoon nap right now…so I figured I’d write a little something.  We just got back from Georgia Tuesday nite.  We had a great time! The weather was absolutely gorgeous! Being there makes me realize how much I want to live there (or near there,  North Carolina or Tennessee.)  The scenery is absolutely breathtaking!!  I would feel so blessed to wake up to that every morning.  But then again…I love the beaches and living near them.  We’ll see.

The first full day we were there, we went to downtown Carrollton.  What a cute little place! I love quaint downtowns.  We walked around…and shopped :) The had such cute baby boutiques.  One was called the Funky Monkey.  The clothes were adorable!! Riley got some new additions to his wardrobe thanks to his Nana :) too expensive for me…  We had a great time! Riley got to meet his cousin Tiffany who is 10 months.  She is a doll! The trip was short but sweet.  We got there Friday nite and left Tuesday morning.  We had a great time though.  It is always nice to come home, though.  I love being home.  However, I am looking forward to another vacation! :)