So today my little fishy started swim lessons! He did so good :)  He is the youngest in the class.  The age group is 6 – 36 months, and Riley will be 6 months on Friday.  (Can’t believe it!)  The lessons are held at Sun Splash Family Waterpark.  It has been forever since I’ve been there.  I forgot how cute it is! They have added a lot more waterslides which makes it more fun :)  but anway…he did great! We were in between 2 older girls, and they were screaming their heads off! I was so sure that would upset Riley and make him cry, but he was a trouper!  There were some times when they wanted us to dunk them under the water… if we wanted…but I wasn’t ready for that yet.  Although I’m sure he is ready because he is always trying to put his face in the water.  Today when we go in the pool I will give it a shot.  I didn’t want to risk the chance of him freaking out and then not be able to finish the class.  We will practice before Thursday comes around.  The instructors kept coming over to us during the lesson :) They just loved him! Daddy was able to come so we were very happy! :) We got it all on video! Forgot to take pictures though during the class…but that’s okay! I have before and after pics.  Well, the little fish is fast asleep, and Stephen and Jaden are playing the piano right now and writing songs :)  It is nice living by family. and friends.  The other nite we had the chance to hang out with some good friends.  It’s been so long since we’ve been able to do that.  We also tried out First Assembly West on Sunday.  We really loved it! We also loved that Reggie Dabbs preached that morning! :)  It was amazing to hear him speak again.  and to hear him play the sax.

well, that is all for now.  talk soon.