So today we finally sold the BMW. yay! We’ve been trying for about 2 months.  I got a call today from a guy who was looking for his son’s first car.  Apparently the boy has been saving up and working hard to buy his very own car.  I like to see that.  Well anyway…they drove over from New Port Richey to take a look at it.  After a nice thorough inspection (the dad is a mechanic), they decided they wanted it.  We had to settle for a little less than we wanted…but we were happy to do it.  They seemed like really nice people. Actually, I learned that they were seeming as I spent about 3 hours with them today.  Stephen had to go to work so I was flying solo…actually, I had my sidekick Riley. So first, we had to go to the bank to get the loan payed off, then to the guys bank to get a certified check, then back to my bank to pay off the car, next to the DMV to get his temporary tag, then to the gas station so I could fill the tank for him, then finally back home.  It was so sweet to see how excited the boy was. But he was 16 years old…i think he tried pretty hard to hide his excitement, but I could see it :)  I liked that car. It was a great car.  Once Riley was born, though, Stephen and I switched and he adopted the beamer and I got the Xterra.  So now, here I am at home, without a car.  

Dangit…I really need to go to Babies R’ us.  Riley is getting his 3 month pics tomorrow at Olan Mills and I want to try to find a better outfit for him to wear.  

Well, the plan is going to be that I take Stephen to work (it’s only about 5 mins away) …so I can have the car…until we buy a new one.  Stephen is going to try to get another suv.  Nothing extravagent…just something to get him back and forth to work and school. 

well, Riley is napping right now in his swing listening to Reggae music…(poor guy…we were a little off schedule today).  I suppose I should go take advantage of this time and do some laundry…or go lay on the couch and read my new Parents magazine…yep that sounds good.