So today we did something fun!  I LOVE the Upper Tampa Bay Trail! It is, well…a trail…that runs for like 7 miles! Before my preggo days, Stephen and I…or sometimes just myself…would always go rollerblading on it.  Well, today Stephen, Riley, and I thought it would be nice to go for a walk.  The weather was beautiful, and we needed some exercise :)  We haven’t all gone together yet (on Sunday, Riley and I went…I exercized while he napped in the stroller…he had it easy: ).  I refuse to go by myself on a weekday…there is hardly anyone on the trail…and there could definitely be weirdos hiding out in the bushes!   anyway…

So we headed out to the trail…another plus…one of the entrances is 3 minutes from our house!  This time I decided to wear Riley so he could see the world!


On this fun little adventure…Riley got to see his first horse! It was so cool at first! There was this beautiful horse just sitting there eating his brunch by his little shed thing.  We start “talking” to him…you know…neighing at him.  Then he starts coming over closer to say hi! It was so cool!  Then he starts grunting and making some weird noises. That kind of creeped me out a little …mind you, there is only a thin little chain link fence separating us.  He was about 10 feet from us.  Then he starts stomping his foot! Heck no!  I look at Stephen and we take off!  That is the last thing I need…getting attacked by a horse with my poor little baby strapped to me! well, here is that now-not-so-beautiful horse…


After this fun little adventure we continued our walk. Riley ended up falling asleep half way through.  It was nice.  It is so relaxing to just spend time outside.  I wish I did it more…I am going to try.  We found a nice little bench and just sat for a little bit…enjoying the beautiful weather, the gorgeous view, and just being together.