I love movies.  I always have.  My most favorite thing about them is the soundtrack.  I absolutely LOVE when I am watching a movie and there is a scene that just makes me connect — well something in my soul connect — and then there is a song playing that just makes it, well, perfect.  I would never consider myself to be someone who is obsessed with music.  I really really really love it.  What I love most about it is the way it makes me feel.  When I hear a song that really touches me…I wish that at that moment, my life could be a movie.  In my head, I picture what I would want to be doing while the song is playing, and I see it playing out — in slow motion, just like in a movie.  I know this makes me sound very strange, but that is me.  Certain music brings me to tears.  And I love it.  I love feeling connected.  This makes me remember back to middle school.  During that time, I was going through a lot.  I was having a pretty rough time with life.  I remember laying in bed at nite.  I would put on a song that made me cry. The two that stick out the most are “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle and the one by Celine Dion — can’t think of the name of it now — “When you kiss me like this, and you hold me like that…”  Actually, I think it’s called “It’s all coming back to me”  Maybe. Anyways, I can remember just laying in bed listening to these songs on repeat.  And I would cry myself to sleep.  These songs made me connect with something.  Something would bring me to tears.  I guess that is what I needed to do to be okay.

haha. so yeah. i love music. i would like to make a soundtrack for my life.  a song for all the laughs and a song for all the tears.  life is great…and it deserves a great soundtrack.