so what is a good way to make money? that is what i need to find out.  since i’m not going back to work…and since money doesn’t grow on trees… i need to find a way to make some!  i guess it is not entirely necessary…fortunately we have money stored away for this very reason.  but it would be nice to have a little extra cash flow.

one possiblity is to try to sell all my excess junk i have stored up in boxes… (one man’s trash is another’s treasure…right?)  i am a fan of ebay and that might work…but probably not bring in too much.  another option is to investigate on craigs list and see if there are any random work from home jobs…but those usually turn out to be pretty sketchy.   my latest thought is to write children’s books! but honestly…that seems like one of those very few and far between even score with that. but i figure…hey! i like kids…i have one…and i like books! what better qualifications than that!

so…i’m open to suggestions…