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a successful day.

So today was very successful one :) Stephen had the whole day off again (woohoo!) so we took advantage of Riley’s naptime! I decided I wanted to try my hand at cutting the grass. Haven’t done that since high school! It was nice. I definitely got a sunburn but that is okay. It’s nice to feel the color! :) While I was busy doing that, Stephen and my step-dad tore ALL of the landscaping in front of our house up and got rid of the majority of rocks. We wanted to start from scratch and design our “garden” area the way we like :) It will be fun to pick out the plants and flowers and all the stuff that goes with that!

Oh yeah! side note: we hung up our new Target wall cabinet last night and it looks wonderful!! I went and bought a cute little basket for it today and it is perfect! I am very excited about it! I also ripped out the old medicine cabinet so we’ll have to get that patched up someday soon.

Here it is! :)

Back to today… After we were done outside my mom stayed with Riley and Stephen and I went up to Lowe’s to get the blinds for our guest room but sadly the blind cutting machine was broken! :( It’s exciting to be able to cross things off our to-do list…so when something gets postponed it’s frustrating! But, we’ll just go tomorrow and get them. No biggie! We also are going to get new screen so we can re-screen our back porch. There are so many rips and holes in it! And, whenever we go outside to enjoy the porch we always have to worry about Spicey sneaking out! So, we are excited to get that checked off as well.

Well, I would love to write more but it is that time! LOST time!

Until later! :)


new house = excited.

So we finally got a house! After looking at a house on Wednesday afternoon, and still being somewhat disappointed that we have not heard back from our offer on another house, we got the call from our realtor (and dear friend) that our offer was accepted!  I couldn’t help but run to the living room where Stephen, Riley, my mom, and step-dad were sitting and start jumping up and down screaming “we got the house, we got the house!” (mind you I was still on the phone with our realtor.)  So now we wait… they will sign the contract in 2 days.  Then we have to schedule an inspection (fingers crossed!)  Then hopefully by the middle/end of October we will close!  I really do love this house!! It has so much charm! After we went to look at the house that night we went to Lowe’s just to look around!  We need to buy a fridge and toilet…other than that we have everything in there that we need! Oh yeah, closet doors in the two bedrooms…but that’s not too big a deal.  The house is going to require lots and lots of paint! Which I am so excited about! :) I can’t wait to just get in there and start decorating! However, wish I could just throw out the old and bring in the new! Wouldn’t that be nice to be able to just go out and shop all over again! Maybe a little at a time.  But we do have nice stuff! It would actually be sad to get rid of the first furniture/decor that Stephen and I picked out as a married couple.  Just the thought of new is always fun.  Our house will be a work in process, which is really what we wanted!  

Well, we still have to get through to closing! That really is a scary thing — the thought that maybe something will go wrong and we lose the house! :( Sure hope not!  The other thing to worry about…financing.  Not too fun to deal with, but wow, that would be great to hopefully get all that help with down payment and closing costs.  

On another note, Stephen and I are going on a date tonight!! It has been way too long! The other night it was kinda fun, we wanted to run up to {my most hated store} Walmart to look and see what kind of deals they had on car seats, since Riley will be moving up to a new car seat pretty soon :(  Anyway…we did that, but with no luck.  Why would I expect Walmart to have anything good. Actually, I can’t say that. I did score a super cute shopping cart/highchair cover for $25!   Well, after we went there, I had a sudden urge to go to Perkins and just sit and talk (over a nice cup of coffee, fries, and a shared chocolate milkshake.) We used to do that all the time when we were dating, and it has been a long, long time since we have done that. So we did. And it was really nice to just be able to talk.  It was our first “date” in a long time.  Tonight however, is a little more formal :)  We are going to a nice dinner, not sure where, and then to a movie.  I really want to see “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”  I haven’t heard any reviews, but it seems like it is going to be great!  Luckily Riley goes to bed fairly early –8:15/8:30–so we can still get him down to sleep and then go have our date!  We still have never left him to be “babysat” by anyone.  I just can’t do it, even if it is my mom.  No one knows him or knows what he needs like I do.  I couldn’t imagine not putting him to sleep :(  That is silly, and I’m sure soon enough I will be over that. 

But, I hear the little guy stirring in there, another nice 2 hour nap.  I should probably go try to get ready for the day. :) See ya.