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oh Lost…

Just finished Lost. Brought tears to my eyes. That’s all I’m saying…

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a successful day.

So today was very successful one :) Stephen had the whole day off again (woohoo!) so we took advantage of Riley’s naptime! I decided I wanted to try my hand at cutting the grass. Haven’t done that since high school! It was nice. I definitely got a sunburn but that is okay. It’s nice to feel the color! :) While I was busy doing that, Stephen and my step-dad tore ALL of the landscaping in front of our house up and got rid of the majority of rocks. We wanted to start from scratch and design our “garden” area the way we like :) It will be fun to pick out the plants and flowers and all the stuff that goes with that!

Oh yeah! side note: we hung up our new Target wall cabinet last night and it looks wonderful!! I went and bought a cute little basket for it today and it is perfect! I am very excited about it! I also ripped out the old medicine cabinet so we’ll have to get that patched up someday soon.

Here it is! :)

Back to today… After we were done outside my mom stayed with Riley and Stephen and I went up to Lowe’s to get the blinds for our guest room but sadly the blind cutting machine was broken! :( It’s exciting to be able to cross things off our to-do list…so when something gets postponed it’s frustrating! But, we’ll just go tomorrow and get them. No biggie! We also are going to get new screen so we can re-screen our back porch. There are so many rips and holes in it! And, whenever we go outside to enjoy the porch we always have to worry about Spicey sneaking out! So, we are excited to get that checked off as well.

Well, I would love to write more but it is that time! LOST time!

Until later! :)