So it’s been a while since I’ve been to Jason’s Deli…at least 31/2 months.  When I was preggo…Stephen and I tried to make it a point to go after every appointment, since it was right around the corner.  We missed a few times…especially when I started going every week.  We made it there quite a few times though.  I love that place! The food is so fresh and so yummy.  My favorite…the Spinach Veggie Wrap.  So delicious! and organic.  A nice healthy choice :)

 So some friends of ours…who we rent from and who live in cali…sent us a great present for baby…a $50 gift card for Jason’s Deli! :) what a great present!  We have yet to use it…so we decided tonite is the nite :) I am so very excited! 

I am just waiting now for Stephen to come home from school and for Riley to wake up from his afternoon nap…. Here is some great news. I made a delicious dinner last nite.  White Chicken Chili.  I have always loved this, and have never made it! I was watching the Rachael Ray show the other day and this recipe won the best in the country! When I saw it I was so excited since I have been wanting to try a recipe for this!  I made it, and it was soo yummy! Stephen thought so too! :) He was not so excited at first, b/c whenever I try it at a restaurant he never likes it.  But this one, he loved!  Another success! :) 

Riley is awake! see ya :)