here is what is going on in my life…

1. Riley has one little tooth that just popped out, and another right about to pop as well! :)

2. Still trying to find a house.

3. Really wishing I had a car (that comes after the house)

4. I have been on the treadmill every day!! Starting to feel a difference! :)

5. We have been spending a lot of time outside. I love the Florida sun!

6. I haven’t been cooking that much :(

I am trying to learn to be content.  I have these elaborate plans for what I want in a house, but I have to realize that they might not be a reality.  I want to be less selfish. I want to want for nothing.  

On that note, I really hope I win the HGTV Green Home :) I have {almost} faithfully registered every day. Wouldn’t that be great! :)  

Okay. Bye!