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this is what im thinking

here is what is going on in my life…

1. Riley has one little tooth that just popped out, and another right about to pop as well! :)

2. Still trying to find a house.

3. Really wishing I had a car (that comes after the house)

4. I have been on the treadmill every day!! Starting to feel a difference! :)

5. We have been spending a lot of time outside. I love the Florida sun!

6. I haven’t been cooking that much :(

I am trying to learn to be content.  I have these elaborate plans for what I want in a house, but I have to realize that they might not be a reality.  I want to be less selfish. I want to want for nothing.  

On that note, I really hope I win the HGTV Green Home :) I have {almost} faithfully registered every day. Wouldn’t that be great! :)  

Okay. Bye!


missing tampa?

So here we are in Cape Coral.  It is so different being here, when you don’t have a car.  I miss my beamer.  Not only is Cape Coral pretty boring anyways…but to be stranded carless in the middle of nowhere is even worse.  We are planning on getting a new car as soon as we buy a house.  Jesus, let that be soon! I have been watching way too much HGTV, and I am ready to decorate!  It has been such an adjustment living with my parents, but we are so blessed to be saving some dough!

But I do kinda miss Tampa… That is where we started out as married folk.  That is where Riley was born.  We lived in a beautiful place in a beautiful neighborhood.  There were sidewalks! That is one major thing that Cape Coral neighborhoods lack…sidewalks.  I feel so ghetto walking around our “block.”  Spare me. Where are the beautiful {living} tree lined sidewalks.  I swear, everything in Cape Coral is dead.   But it is nice to be around family.  I guess life is about compromise.

My face is still red.  I did some fast-paced walking on the treadmill…for 30 minutes.  Yeah, I’m out of shape.   Well, I really want to paint my nails, and Riley should be waking up from his nap soon.  so goodbye :)