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oh dear…

Why is it so hard to define myself? I swear, sometimes I have no idea who I am! This is all coming from trying to figure out how I want to decorate my house.  I see one style, and I’m in love, then I see another one, and I totally change my mind! I took a “what’s your decorating style?” quiz on and I was told I’m eclectic. What is that?!  I am not sure if that is exactly what I am.  I love the somewhat moderny, natural look…but then I also love shabby chic country cottagey look.  However, Stephen grew up completely surrounded (and in his words suffocated) by Shabby Chic.  I know that he would not totally be into that style for our house.  I have been clipping pictures out of mags and online of styles and looks that I like.  That helps somewhat…but I’m still stuck on what colors I want to paint my walls.  I need to figure this out soon! 

We are still waiting to close on our house :( It was supposed to be the 15th…and here we are November 1st…and still no closing!! Fingers crossed for this week!! 

Anyway…I have entered two giveaways! They are both from Mommy 2 Gavin and Gage. The first one is for GAD cloth diapers! Super excited because I am new to cloth diapering, and would love to try out some different diapers! The second giveaway is for Rockin’ Green detergent! I have heard awesome things about it and would love to be able to try it!! 

Well, that’s all that’s new for now! 

Talk soon! :)


I decided to enter the world of…

cloth diapering.

Sounds scary. I know. But it is something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time!  It just seems so much more environmentally friendly, and I do love being green. Or at least trying as hard as I can to be.  Let me tell you though, the world of cloth diapering can be a scary place! I go into forums or boards that talk about cloth diapering, and I feel like they are speaking a different language!  It can be pretty intimidating, but I’m sure I will be speaking their language pretty soon! :) 

I have trying to decide which ones to use, considering there are about a thousand different types. Who knew, right?  My top contenders so far are GroBaby, BumGenius 3.0, or maybe FuzziBunz.  It is so hard to just pick one! I really, really like the look of GroBabys.  I also like how they work!! I have just heard so much about BG, that is why I am considering that.  Same with FuzziBunz.  I think I should just get one of each kind and see which works the best for me.  They do sell “starter” packages…but I just don’t really have that much money to invest in this just yet.  It will be a slow starting process!! But that is okay! :)  

I think I might try to go find me a GroBaby :)