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so Cape Coral is winning back my heart {slowly}

To me, Cape Coral is an ugly city. I can say that, because I have lived here pretty much my entire life (minus the 2 1/2 years we lived in Tampa). I really noticed it after we moved to Tampa. More specifically Westchase, which is absolutely gorgeous! Coming back to Cape Coral made me realize how boring it is visually. There are fields and houses. That’s pretty much it. However, they are really taking a step towards beautifying the city and making wonderful improvements. I am in love with all the renovations they are doing to the Kismet/Del Prado area! There is one particular corner that reminds us so much of Tampa. It’s not much…just some nice condos and a Publix Shopping Center…but it’s nice. Beautiful green grass, winding sidewalks…that’s all I ask for. Not too much. (I secretly get bummed every time I drive through that area because we made an offer on a house right by there, but our offer was rejected! I know that it worked out the way it did for a reason and I don’t want to have any regrets in life…but that would have been nice to live in such a developing area!)  One thing that really bothered me about the Cape is the lack of sidewalks. But they are making improvements throughout. We get so excited when we are driving down the street and we see construction! Construction used to always bother the junk out of me…but now…it just lets me know that they are improving!!  It’s funny that if I make a conscious effort, I can literally see Cape Coral differently. Say I’m driving down the road and I look around, if I envision myself being in a different place, some other tropical place, say Key West just for example, Cape Coral can totally be that place! I love that there are palm trees all over the place. It adds so much beauty!  Only in certain areas, of course. Like this morning I had to run out to take a few pics for my job, and I stopped to get gas at the Mobil Station off Santa Barbara. As I was sitting there waiting…I was looking around and thought, “This really is a beautiful place!” There were palm trees and other greenery all around, nice new buildings, and it was right before sunrise, which is my second favorite time of the day. The longer and harder I look, Cape Coral is and will be even more a very beautiful place. I guess that they had vision when they made the statement, “Cape Coral – it’s just Paradise”! I’m slowly realizing that that just may be true! :)  For this time and place in my life…I’m glad we live here! :)


missing tampa?

So here we are in Cape Coral.  It is so different being here, when you don’t have a car.  I miss my beamer.  Not only is Cape Coral pretty boring anyways…but to be stranded carless in the middle of nowhere is even worse.  We are planning on getting a new car as soon as we buy a house.  Jesus, let that be soon! I have been watching way too much HGTV, and I am ready to decorate!  It has been such an adjustment living with my parents, but we are so blessed to be saving some dough!

But I do kinda miss Tampa… That is where we started out as married folk.  That is where Riley was born.  We lived in a beautiful place in a beautiful neighborhood.  There were sidewalks! That is one major thing that Cape Coral neighborhoods lack…sidewalks.  I feel so ghetto walking around our “block.”  Spare me. Where are the beautiful {living} tree lined sidewalks.  I swear, everything in Cape Coral is dead.   But it is nice to be around family.  I guess life is about compromise.

My face is still red.  I did some fast-paced walking on the treadmill…for 30 minutes.  Yeah, I’m out of shape.   Well, I really want to paint my nails, and Riley should be waking up from his nap soon.  so goodbye :)