So…this is where Riley slept last nite :(  I thought I would be happy when he moved into his own room…but I also thought that wouldn’t happen for another month.   He has been such a good sleeper since he came home from the hospital!  I read in one of my thousands of resources that the sooner you get them in their own room, the better.  I figured since he sleeps so  good I should try it.  He took it so much better than me.  It’s so crazy how emotional you get when you have a baby.  Stephen and I were laying in bed somewhat relieved that we didn’t need to tiptoe around the room or whisper just to communicate, and then I just started crying.  I looked over into the empty bassinet and didn’t see my little baby. :(  I should be happy that he took it so well! but secretly I was hoping he would bust out crying so I had to bring him back to our room.  It never happened though…he had a great nite sleep.

Right now he is doing something that he has never done either…he is taking a nap in his crib.  Another miracle…I simply laid him down and turned on his rainforest attraction…not a peep or a whimper.  A few minutes later I check on him and he is passed out!  Now…2 1/2 hours later he is still fast asleep.  It is somewhat nice that he is starting to follow his own little schedule.  But…I really am sad that my little guy is getting bigger. :( I know he’s only 2 months…but he has grown soo much and soo fast.  It is so exciting to watch him grow and learn! He is such a cutie!!

I am in LOVE…    dsc_1497