What a fun past couple of days! This beautiful weather always puts me in such a good mood! My house has been completely open for the past 4 days, and I love it! Open windows and fresh air do the body and soul so good! Riley loves it too because it means lots of outdoor time :) He has been in his “box” as he calls it {sandbox} like 24/7 and Stephen and I have been able to play lots of frisbee. However, I do have to tell this…the first night we were outside in the backyard playing frisbee and Riley was playing in his sandbox, there was a sad and unfortunate event… So Stephen and I are pretty good at frisbee. We throw it hard and fast. So there was my poor little guy sitting in his sandbox so innocently having fun digging and what not, then all of the sudden out of no-where, he gets creamed right in the middle of his eyes with the frisbee. (Stephen had thrown it, not me! :) Just had to make that clear. Although I guess that means it’s kinda my fault too because I should have caught it, even though it was way out of the way.)  He took it like a champ, though! It just, obviously, caught him by surprise. But he was fine :) And just a little bruise on the bridge of his nose.

Haha, this was the next night! :) He was making sure it didn’t happen again!


So, in other news, I have {successfully} attempted making my first loaf of bread. :) I have made many banana and pumpkin breads…but never like a “sandwich” bread before. I made a whole wheat loaf, and it came out delicious! :) It was super easy and took no time at all, so I plan on trying to eliminate the need for buying bread and just stick to making this! I mean, it’s not a “huge” savings. I usually spend anywhere from $1.60 – $2.50 for a loaf of Arnolds 100% Whole Wheat. This probably cost me like $.50 to make…if even that. But it was fun! And I like knowing that what I make has no preservatives and no extra junk. I know exactly what is going into my bread, and that makes me feel better! If you want to give it a try, go for it! It’s fun and fulfilling :) I found the recipe on my favorite blog to read…Money Saving Mom. Love her and all her tips and tricks! You can find the recipe for the bread here.

Here is a picture of the final delicious project!

I followed her advice… we all enjoyed a slice warm and fresh from the oven with butter and honey :) Give it a try!

Well, today is a packed day. I had our Women’s Ministry Brunch at church this morning while Stephen, Riley, Corey, and Addison went to the library. When Riley wakes up from his nap (which will probably be sooner than later since the twirp has only been doing about 1 1/2 hour naps the past few days. I am getting a taste of the “two’s” already!) we are heading downtown Cape for a Columbus Day/ Italian Fest parade with my mom, sis, and nephews, then heading to my mom’s church for a talent show and dinner. I love days like this :) As stressful as it can sometimes be, I love having people to see and places to go :) I do also love a nice, slow, quiet day though, too! :)

Oh my goodness, sidenote! I fell in love last night! My bestest, Kristen, decided we were due for a grown up girls night :) She treated me to dinner and Life As We Know It at Silverspot in Naples. I will never watch a movie any other way! Talk about glamourous! Not only does it look nothing like a normal, cheesy theatre, you get to reserve your seats online before you go, AND every seat is a like a leather recliner that you can just sink into (with no annoying bottom part of the seat popping up on you when you stand up!) I have a track record of falling asleep in movies, and this makes it very tempting, but I stayed awake the whole time! :) The movie was super cute! Definitely cried a few times and had to glance a few times at pictures of Riley, but it was a happy movie and made me smile :)  But the LOVE is from the restaurant we ate at…Bravo! Cucina Italiana!  De-li-cious!! Oh my goodness. I am Italian. I love good food…and this is it!  I am already planning a date night with Stephen to head down there so he can experience heaven!

Well, that really is all for now! :)