So me and the little guy went to Target this morning to finally buy a wall cabinet for our bathroom! I found one that I love…well, close enough :) If I could combine the glass doors of this one with the cute little basket shelves on the one at Lowes…that would be perfection! But, this one is definitely near perfection. I have been keeping my eye on it for a while, but just couldn’t find myself to pay over $80 for it. Well, the Target ad this week brought me much excitement when I saw it was on sale for $70 :) Such a better price! haha.

I suppose I might be able to find some cute little baskets small enough to fit on the bottom shelf. If not, no biggie. I still love the way it looks! I actually just put it together and am waiting for my step-dad to come help me hang it. It is very very heavy, and if I attempted to do it on my own it would probably come crashing down during the process. It is pretty heavy. I did also score two Nivea body washes for FREE! They seem very luxurious and I can’t wait to try them! One is Touch of Radiance with massaging beads and lime blossom scent and the other is Touch of Sparkle with diamond powder and white calla blossom scent. They were on sale for $3.99 each and I had two $4/1 coupons! Gotta love free stuff :)

OH YEAH…not sure how I didn’t mention this yet…but I am currently typing my thoughts on our brand new iMac!! Finally! It is absolutely wonderful, and I can’t stop playing on it! We got the 21.5″ screen which is ginormous! It came with the awesome wireless keyboard and magic mouse!  Love the new Snow Leopard operating system! Oh yeah…and a built in camera! Riley and I have already spent so much time taking goofy pictures of ourselves! This is such an upgrade from our Powerbook that literally had 1,000 lines running across the screen. That computer served us well, but it was time to move on! and…I am so glad that we did! Stephen works a lot on the computer for work…so to be able to actually see what he’s doing and be able to do so much more…I’m so happy for him!

Well, that is all I really have to say right now!