First off, let me just say that I am so excited! We finally got our tax return!! AHHH!!! We have been waiting long and hard for this money! And it is a lot. A whole lot of money! :) Thanks you first time homebuyer tax credit and many, many other credits we received! I owe it all to you! :) There are so many things we have been waiting to do with our house…but we haven’t really had the cash to do it. Can I saw window treatments?? Yes, I proudly, after 5 months, still have sheets hanging in my windows. I know, very stylish. But part of it is that I still haven’t figured out what I want. But now that I have the money, I think I will be able to decide quickly :) We are also fencing in our yard! We thought about a chain-link fence…but I just don’t think I can do it. I have always wanted a privacy fence, so I think that is what we are going to go with! We might possibly also be getting new flooring. We really want laminate wood floors…we will just see how much of a priority it is. I am trying to get us to be extra smart with our money. My new friend, Dave Ramsey, has taught me a lot in the Total Money Makeover. I am determined to get out of debt!! We alreay paid off our credit card debt as soon as we got our tax return yesterday! It felt so good! :) The big thing is student loans. Dun-dun-dun. We, I mean Stephen, spent a lot of money on that nice school of his! :) I am so glad he did, but I would like to get rid of that $70,000 of debt! I am all set to follow Dave’s plan to help us achieve our goals!! We sat down the other day and did our budget. We are going to attempt to use the whole “envelope” system and see if that works for us! I am super excited because I want to have a secure financial future and be able to enjoy life!! 

I am working on re-vamping my blog :) I am trying to learn all the tricks to make it awesome! I would love to make blogging apart of my everyday! If you have any tips or tricks, let me know!!

That’s all for now!