Today was such a wonderful day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous!! It started out with a trip to the park with Stephen, Riley, and Starbucks. I wore Riley in the Beco and we walked around the lake a few times. Then Stephen hung out with Starbucks and I took Riley into the playground. He had so much fun! We ran into someone from Riley’s swim class last summer. She is actually the girl who inspired me to use cloth diapers! We actually ran into her a few months ago at Target, and small world, we ran into her and her 18 month old, Luke again today :) We swapped numbers and are going to plan to get together for a playdate! So she totally reminds me of a girl I went to Master’s with, Jade.  Stephen laughed at me when I said that I feel like I already know her because she looks like someone I know! I would love to hang out with her! She mentioned Sun Splash this summer! They have a great deal, it’s a season pass, for $60 you can go all summer. Since Riley is free that’s a great deal! If I know I have a friend to go with I just might invest in that! 

So back to today…After Riley woke up from his nap, we went shopping with Mama and Papa at Kohls. I love that store! :) I got Riley 5 super cute outfits and 1 adorable pair of pj’s for the summer! I also scored a very cool/different pair of jeans for me. Not really anything I have ever worn, but they caught my eye so I figured I’d give them a try. They are Simply Vera…distressed boyfriend style. We’ll see how they work out :) For $28.00, you can’t beat that. I also got a cute pair of shoes :) 

Candie's Myers Gladiator Sandals

Here are Riley’s new pj’s…

Carter's Mommy's Super Hero Pajama Set

All those goodies for only $80! I love Kohls :) 

Well, there is some random rambling for you. Stephen should be home soon so I must go. I tore our closet apart earlier trying to reorganize, and I don’t have it all put back together yet. Probably should get on that! :) 

Talk soon!