Okay, so I just have to blog about this because I am so super excited and I need to talk about it. :) I got a text this morning from my most bestest {:)} friend ever, Kristen.  SHE IS MOVING BACK HOME!!!! She applied for a bazillion residencies in FL, and she just so happened to get one right here in good ol’ Fort Myers! :) I know that it wasn’t her first choice, or second, but for selfish reasons I am so happy that she is going to be close to me again!! Really close. So story goes that me and Kristen met in kindergarten. We were both in Ms. Stedcke’s class. Then, later that year, I moved across the street from her. We have been best friends since then. Twenty-one years to be exact! That is a long time! Everyone always thought we were sisters because we look a lot alike! Well, she moved away from me in 02 when she left for UCF in Orlando. Then, as if that wasn’t far enough away, she moved to Lexington, KY to go to pharmacy school at UK! Eight years she has been gone! Well, now she is coming home to me :) She is moving back in with her mom (which is still across the street from my parents) so we are going to be literally less than 5 minutes away from each other. This is a big deal. A really big one.  As far as friends, I don’t have that many. So to get my very best friend, who might as well be my sister, so close to me is a dream :) 

There she is! :) 

Well, that’s all for now!