I used to be so certain that after things fell into place life would slow down.  Not slow down completely, but just enough so I could breathe.  Yeah, I am not so sure that that will ever happen. How in the world is it March already? Seriously?! Didn’t we just celebrate New Years?! I am already only 9 months away from Riley’s 2nd birthday! I need to start planning! No, way more important things to do right now. My house is still…well, it’s still not totally put together! I am at such a wall as to how I want to put it together. Praise God for huge tax returns though! I can’t wait to get that money cause I have big plans! Hello privacy fence, new countertops, possibly new bedroom furniture, and much more :)  God is good. You know, I always say that, but He really is. A few months ago I just had this fear that financially we wouldn’t be able to make it with our new house and all, and I would have to give up staying home with Riley to get a job. But God is so faithful and my husband is so amazing! God provided a part-time job for Stephen doing what he loves and making amazing money! We are praying that this can become a full time thing so that he can say “goodbye” to Express. He is so good at what he does, I would love for him to be able to do if full time! He is putting in 60+ hours a week yet I don’t think I have ever heard him complain. He is such an amazing, hardworking husband, and I do feel so blessed to be his wife. He cares so much for Riley and me. We are so lucky to have him.  

Look at that little face! He is such an angel :) 

Here is our new Beco! Love, love, love it! Apparently so does Riley! Here he is passed out while we do our shopping at Target!

So here is some happy news! We are finally getting Riley dedicated! :) It’s about time! It just hasn’t really worked out until now. In Tampa, we didn’t really have a church family, so we wanted to wait until we did. When we moved down here and decided to make First Assembly West our home, it was just a matter of finding a Sunday in enough advance that Stephen would have off! (another reason I can’t wait for him to leave retail!!) So…March 14th is the big day!! All the fam will be there, so that’s exciting news!

Well, I think that is all for now. I have been feeling really crappy today, so I really should go to bed. We have a wedding to go to tomorrow, so I need some energy for that! :)