Yeah, so I am still here. It’s was November 3rd the last time I blogged. Today is January 7th. Just kidding…it’s the 8th. Well, like I forecasted, these past few weeks have been crazy! Yes, we moved into our house, yes we survived Thanksgiving, Riley’s FIRST birthday party, and Christmas! (and two visits from Stephen’s parents thrown in there. The first being the day after we moved into our house! Can I  say chaos!?!) But it is wonderful :) Life is easy again. For now, until it’s not.  I still have loads and loads of decorating to do. Being so close to Christmas when we moved in, we just went ahead and did our Christmas decorating pretty much right away. So now that decorations are back in hiding until next year, I can see that my house still needs mucho work. 

To show off all my hard work in planning, decorating, cooking, and hosting Riley’s party…here are some pics :) 

So…that was December 19th. The day my little man turned ONE! The party turned out great! For food I made a traditional chili and a white chicken chili…which, if I do say so myself, were wonderful! Riley thoroughly enjoyed his first encounter with sugar!! I made him a giant cupcake that was carrot cake and the frosting I made was a sugar free cream cheese frosting. He liked it a lot! There were about 20 people total! Great friends and loving family :) It really was a wonderful day! 

I could post some Christmas pictures…but I’m not so much in the mood right now. I’ll save that for another day! 

Goodbye for now!