I wish Sandra Rinomato was here to help.  We have made 2 offers so far on houses…both of which we were outbid :(  This is getting kinda frustrating! We have a few more houses to go look at today.  I know that there is the perfect house for us out there {somewhere.} I just wish we could find it already!! Good news is that I, hopefully, found another program to get us more money towards down payment and closing costs.  That would be super :)  That November 30th deadline is creeping up…

Stephen has the day off today so we have a few fun things planned.  The park, house hunting, Toys R’ Us, maybe the mall.  

Okay, I’m off to floss.  {I’ve realized I do not do this nearly enough! My new goal is to do it…everyday! I have a dentist appointment Wednesday, so I need to prepare!! :)}