I have to say…today has been quite UN-productive. I thought I was doing great because yesterday I baked a BIG batch of oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies and cooked a delicious, if I do say so, not so healthy dinner :) Chicken fried chicken, country gravy, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  I surely thought I would be as productive today, but not so much.  I did, however, post some things on Craigslist.  I guess that would count as a smidgen of productivity :)  During Riley’s naps…right now being one of them…I have spent my time on the internet.  I am addicted.  There, I said it.  Out loud.  I love shopping, browsing blogs, looking up recipes, checking up on facebook.  The shopping part is probably the worst of them :)  I shop for deals though.  I think that makes it a little better :) I scored a cute pair of babylegs for Riley the other day! I was so excited to get them!! Here is the only pic I have of them so far…

I am still always on the hunt for more! :) They are so cute and stylish!  

You know what…I’m gonna go make some dinner! Sadly, Stephen will not be home till super late :(   so he won’t be here to enjoy it.  That’s okay! :) I just got the sudden urge to be more productive :)

{ps. my birthday is in 6 days!}