Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by and left my thoughts.  Things have been pretty busy/chaotic/frustrating…  We are now waiting to hear the outcome of our offer #2 for a house.  We’ve only been actively house hunting for about 2 weeks ( I know…not that long), but it already is so frustrating :( We thought we found our perfect house…well, starter home perfect, not dream home perfect.  Made an offer a little above asking price, and got beat out.  The horrible thing about this super low market is the fact that there are people with lots of money are looking to buy these cheap houses for investment, not to live in.  Which 1) sucks because, unlike them, we want to actually LIVE in the house and 2) this does nothing to stimulate the Cape Coral economy.  Fortunately for us, a new law was passed with Fannie Mae that investors have to wait 15 days before putting an offer on a house when it hits the market.  So…that brings us to offer #2.  This house was listed the day this new law came into effect, so hopefully we are only going up against regular people who just want a house to live in.  This time, we offered 10% above asking price, so fingers crossed.  We are hopefully going to hear back tomorrow! The house is so super cute!  1,540 sq. feet ( a little smaller than I would like), 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, nice open floor plan, large walk in closet, nice big master bath.  The outside looks great, AND it’s in a great location! We couldn’t ask for more!  Lots of prayers and crossed fingers :) 

On another note…I have come to realize how blessed I am because my son seriously is the cutest baby ever.  He just turned 8 months on the 19th.  I cannot believe how quickly time is passing!  Riley started crawling and pulling himself up when he turned 7 months. Now, this boy is always on the go! Whether he’s crawling, cruising, or jumping, he is always moving! :)  


Here is Riley fingerpainting with yogurt…(look at that face!!!) :)


I have never seen a baby with such a great personality.  Riley is always making us laugh with his funny faces and goofy noises! He really knows how to entertain.  Riley has also been expanding his palate ! We have yet to find a food he does not like!  The thing that makes this so exciting is the fact that I LOVE making his food! I have done this from day 1 (literally! :) But now that he is able to eat new kinds of food, it gets even more fun!!  His new adventures have included grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, diced fruit, and eggs. Tonite I am going to make him  cheesy broccoli brown rice.  I am sure it will be a great success! :) 

In other news, I have an amazing husband.  He recently started a second job at a production company editing video. This really was a God send!! Stephen is not only making more money for us, but also doing something he LOVES!  It has great potential to turn into a full time thing, which would be amazing!  I really feel so blessed to have scored the most amazing man! :)   

That brings you back up to speed…hopefully it won’t be so long before another update! See ya!